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Sixty Six is a classic card game for 2 players. As the name suggests, in order to win a round, you have to score 66 points. You must always be aware of the game situation as its progressing – how many points you and your opponent currently have, what cards have been already played, and possible tricks to take. So strategizing is a crucial part.

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Below are the complete rules of the game.

Sixty Six Card game online

66 rules

The main objective of the game is to be the first player to score 7 victory points. You score these points by winning a round. The first player to reach 66 points in a round and declare them is the winner of the hand.

How to play?

You score points by winning tricks.

Another way to score points is to match pairs of Kings and Queens, which, once declared, grant you a bonus of 20 or 40 points. You can announce 20/40 only during the first 6 tricks won. When the pile is gone, declarations are allowed.

During the deal, three cards are dealt to each player. Then, one card is dealt face up serving as a trump, and after that three more cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards serve as a talon.

You are not required to follow suit until all cards of the talon are dealt. But once the undealt cards are closed you must follow suit.

A player may close the talon if he believes that the cards in his hand are strong enough to win the remaining tricks and reach 66 points. During this time the players must follow suit if possible, otherwise trump.

The player who holds the lowest trump card (the 9) could exchange it for the trump that is turned up during his turn to lead. The exchange could occur as long as there are more than 2 cards remaining in the talon.

If a player believes that he has 66 points and declares it (only after winning a trick or after matching pairs of K and Q), the play stops immediately. If the player is right and has more than 66 points, he wins the hand. Otherwise, points are distributed to the opponent instead.


The ranks and values of the cards are as follows:

  • Ace – 11 points
  • Ten – 10 points
  • King – 4 points
  • Queen – 3 points
  • Jack – 2 points
  • 9 – 0 points

Winning a round gives you:

  • 3 points if the opponent has 0 tricks won
  • 2 points if the opponent’s score is below 33
  • 1 point if the opponent’s score is 33 or more
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