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Players and cards

Tressette is an Italian card game which is played by 4 players using the following cards:

  • Italian deck with 40 cards in it, with cards grouped in four suits (Swords, Coins, Clubs and Cups).
  • Ordered by strength (from strongest to weakest), the cards in each suit are as follows: 3, 2, 1, King, Knight, Jack, 7, 6, 5, 4

The point values of the cards in all suits are:



During dealing, the dealer gives 5 cards twice to each player in counter-clockwise order.

Playing the cards

After the cards are dealt, the players play the cards using the following rules:

  • Players place cards on the table in counter-clockwise direction.
  • For the first trick, the first card is played by the player on the right of the dealer.
  • For the next tricks, the first card is played by the player who won the previous trick.

    Winning tricks

    • The player who starts the trick can play any card.
      The suit of this card is the required suit for the trick.
    • The other players should play a card from the required suit.
    • Players who have no cards from the required suit can play any other card.
    • A trick is won by the player who played the strongest card from the required suit.

    Round score

    At the end of a round the card points won by each party are calculated as follows:

    • There is no winning party for the round, all parties score the points they won.
    • The winner of the last trick scores 1 point.
    • Fractions are disregarded in scoring.
      For example, a party that has won 4 1/3 card points scores 4 points; a party that has won 5 2/3 points scores 6 points.
    • The total amount of card points scored by all parties is 11, without considering combinations.
      While in practice it is 11 2/3, two thirds of a point are ignored since the fractions are disregarded in scoring.

    Session score

    The situations in which a party wins a session are as follows:

    • One of the parties reaches the win score set for the session (for example 21), and the other party has not reached it yet.
    • When both parties reach the win score, and one of them has more points than the other, the party with more points wins.
    • When both parties reach the winning score and have an equal number of points, the winner is the party that won the last trick.


    In games where the “Declarations” option is set, the combinations that the players have are announced automatically during the first trick. The points scored for a combination are as follows:

    • Three 1, 2, or 3 cards: 3 points.
    • Four 1, 2, or 3 cards: 4 points.
    • Napoletana (1, 2, and 3 from the same suit): 3 points.

    NB: you can turn those on when you play Tressette in the Custom Games.