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Mau Mau card game

Mau-Mau is a card-game for 2 up to 5 players, which is most famous in Germany, Austria, South Tirol, Brazil, Poland, Czech-Republic, the Netherlands, and the United States of America. It’s very popular with teenagers because the rules are really easy to learn.

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Mau Mau rules

The main objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards you hold in your hand. By placing down your cards, containing either the number or the colour of the card played before, you can reach this goal.

Style of play

At the beginning of the game each player gets five cards. All the cards left are stacked faced-down at the middle of the table, except one. It is the first card faced-up to start the game.

Clock-wisely, the players try to put down their cards either by having a matched colour or number card. If a player hasn’t got a matching card, he/she must pick up a card from the stock.

To win the game, the player must announce to the others that he will put down his last card by saying “Mau”. If he ignores this rule, he/she must pick up two extra cards from the stack as a penalty.

Special cards

Some cards have special powers, but they are easy to learn:

  • Jack – The player is now allowed to set up a new colour for the following card.
  • 8 – It’s the next player’s turn.
  • 9 – Changes the order of playing (clockwise to anti-clockwise or the other way around).
  • 7 – The next player must draw 2 cards. If he answers with a 7, he no longer has to draw 2 cards. Instead, the player next to him must now draw 4 cards. This continues until the players run out of 7.

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