Play with your club online

The dynamic times which we live in impose new rules that we must comply with. It was not easy to get used to the fact that we have to distance ourselves from each other, and it is even more difficult for us to be away from our hobbies and favorite activities.

That’s why we at VIP Games have an offer for you. We know that the passion for card and board games is something permanent. It’s not the place that determines the quality of the game, but our dedication to play.

Reality in a digital environment

If you carry the game in your heart, we suggest you feel the thrill of victory again. Transfer the reality to a digital environment!

Are you part of a card game club or federation? Do you miss the time with your well-known partners and are you eager to play a game of belote together again, and social restrictions don’t allow you? Don’t worry, we will help you get back together. How? Easier, faster and better than you think.

Take advantage of the innovative service of VIP Games, specially developed for you – an online club only for members of your selected community. Play no matter the location! Forget about social distance and get hours of non-stop fun.
Compete with your fiercest enemy. Prove that you love this game!
The technologies we use in creating our games allow easy and fast development of additional features according to your needs. Now we can create your personal virtual place to play, which will bring you as much pleasure as in the real game.
The packages we offer are tailored to the capacity and desires of different types of clubs.

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What do we offer?

Аn innovative product, without any other competition – Specially designed virtual club with your name. It’s created using HTML5 technology, which allows you to play through various devices and operating systems with the same profile. Excellent graphics, animation and visual elements combined with the classic card game to complement the fun.

Service flexibility

Each package is carefully tailored to the size and needs of the club. The fees paid for the creation and maintenance of the platform are symbolic and offer accessibility regardless of the conditions around us. The service is designed in the most intuitive and easy to use way possible.

Transparency and accountability

After creating the virtual club you will have full access to a personal administrative panel, which gives you the right to set up games, track them, and see the game history in real time.

What do you earn ?

Unlimited games with exclusive access to players only from your club
A well developed product with proven quality, and no additional maintenance costs
A new opportunity to unite your club or federation members
Fast and transparent organization of your entire club/federation – save time and money, activate online tournaments and competitions between members
Easy communication no matter where you are
Remember the times of friendly games and emotion! Don’t lose the unity of your club! Be together and immerse yourself in endless fun experiences!