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Sueca Card Game

Sueca is a trick-taking card game mostly popular in Portugal and Brazil. The game is played with 40 cards French deck. The following cards are used: A, 7, K, J, Q, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Sueca is usually played by 4 players in divided in 2 teams. The objective of Sueca is to achieve 4 game points. Every single game scores 1 point.

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Sueca Rules


The first dealer is chosen at random. The dealer shows the first card face-up to all players, deals 10 cards to himself (which includes the face-up card). Then he deals 10 cards to the other players in a counter-clockwise direction. In the following rounds, the dealer changes in a counter-clockwise direction. As in most card games, after dealing each player can see only the cards in his hand.

Each player plays one card face up to the table, and the trick is taken according to a certain rule. Cards have point values, and the result is determined by the total point value of cards taken.


There are 4 possible contracts in Sueca, 1 for each of the suits. The contracts are very similar to the trump contracts in Belot.

There is no bidding phase is Sueca. The trump suit for each hand is determined randomly. It is the suit of the face-up card shown during the dealing.

The cards have the following rank and value:

  • A – 11 points
  • 7 – 10 points
  • K – 4 points
  • J – 3 points
  • Q – 2 points
  • 6 – 0 points
  • 5 – 0 points
  • 4 – 0 points
  • 3 – 0 points
  • 2 – 0 points


After the contract is announced, the forehand player (on the right of the dealer) must lead to the first trick. Depending on the game options, players play either in a counter-clockwise direction (default for matchmaking) or in a clockwise direction.

The rules for playing cards in a trick are as follows:

  • The first player can play any suit.
  • If the other players have cards from the suit led, then they must play one of them.
  • If the other players have no cards of the suit led, then they can play a card from any other suit.
  • The winner of a trick plays the first card in the next trick.

The rules for winning a trick are as follows:

  • When no trump card was played, the trick is won by whoever played the highest card of the suit led.
  • When trump card was played, the trick is won by whoever played the highest trump card.


At the end of the hand the card points won by each team should be calculated automatically. The team that scores 61 or more card points wins game points as follows:

  • 60 – 0 points
  • 61 to 90 – 1 point
  • 91 to 120 (not winning all tricks) – 2 points
  • 120 (winning all tricks) – 4 points

Consider that if both teams score 60 card points in a hand, then they do not receive game points for this hand. The first team that scores 4 or more game points wins the session.