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Swiss Jass or Jassing is the most popular card game in Switzerland. It is even considered the national game of the country. There are different variants, such as “slider”, “hairdresser”, “differentiator” and so on. The rules described here apply to the variant of “slider”. Since this is the most popular one, it’s used for the VIP Games basic game.

This is a trick-taking card game for 4 players. Players use a German or a French deck of cards. The goal is to win more points than the opponents.

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Swiss Jass rules

The main goal by playing Jass is to get as many points as you can.

Players and Cards

The game is played by four players divided into 2 x 2 teams. During the game team partners are sitting opposite each other.

A deck of 36 cards is used, with the cards grouped in 4 colors. Each group includes the following cards: Ace, King, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6.

The first dealer is chosen at random. He/she distributes 9 cards to each player in packs of three, starting with the player to the right of him/her and continuing counterclockwise. In the following rounds, the dealer is switched counterclockwise.

The player can only see his cards (face up) in his hand. The opponent’s cards are not visible.


  • Clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts as trumps. If you play with French deck, the multiplier for spades and clubs is 2. If you are playing with the German deck, the multiplier for shields and belts is 2.
  • From top to bottom: playing without trump. All points are multiplied by 3.
  • From bottom to top: playing without a trump suit with reversed card order. The highest card is 6 and the lowest card is the ace. All points are multiplied by 3.

Play Jass

The general rules for playing cards are as follows:

  • The players play counterclockwise.
  • The cards are played in tricks.
  • The winner of the trick leads to the next one.

Ranking and card values

In top-bottom and bottom-top games, cards have the following rank and value:


In suit games, cards have the following rank and value:


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