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Exciting News! VIP Games Clubs is finally here! To access this incredible feature, simply click on the eye-catching shield-shaped icon located in the lower-left corner of the platform. Delve into the clubs on VIP Games and explore new ways to enrich your game and have fun.

What is a Club?

Gathered under a shared interest, the club offers a platform for up to 30 people to come together. It’s important to note that each player can only be a member of one club at a time and has the freedom to leave whenever they wish. By joining a club, you instantly become a valued member. It’s an exciting opportunity to connect, collaborate, and thrive alongside fellow enthusiasts!

Type of clubs

There are two main types of clubs – fighting and social, determined by the interests of the members. The fighting club is all about gaming and experience, while the Social Club revolves around chat, fun, and socializing.

When creating a club, the leader selects the desired type, which cannot be changed later. In addition to the type, clubs also vary in terms of privacy. You can find the option in the same menu, where you can choose from the following types:

  • Public. Joining is free and anyone can be invited.
  • Private. New players enter only through an invitation by the existing members. The new members are always reviewed by the club leader, who can accept, refuse or ignore the request.
  • Closed. A new member can join after receiving an invitation from the club itself. The player can send a message to the leader with a request for an invitation.

Roles within a club

  • Leader. The creator of the club, who owns all rights and holds all the power.
  • Co-leader. Appointed by the leader, the Co-Leader can assist the Leader by adding and removing other users from the club.
  • Secretary. Appointed by the Leader or the Co-leader, the Secretary is assigned to the social extras of the club, such as moderating club chat.
  • Member. Any other member of the club.

Club chat

Club chat is exclusively accessible to club members, ensuring a private communication channel. The chat is invisible to players who are not part of the club. The leader, co-leader, and club secretaries take on the responsibility of moderating the club chat, ensuring a positive and respectful environment for everyone.

Stickers are an interesting feature of the club chat, which are messages displayed prominently at the top of the club chats, ensuring important announcements or discussions receive the right amount of attention.

Closed club games

If you create a closed club, you can only play with members of your club. This is a special setting for groups of players who are picky with their opponents and prefer not to be paired with random players with an undesirable skill level.

To create a club game:

  1. Enter the “Play with friends” room.
  2. Select the “Host a Game” button.
  3. Turn on the “Club Only” setting.
  4. Click the “Play” button.

Members of your club can join if:

  • You send them an invitation;
  • Share a code for the room in the chat of the Club;
  • One of the members clicks on one of the vacancies.

Personalized profile

When you create a club, you can customize your club’s name, avatar, location, and status to reflect its identity. Additionally, you can choose the type of club that aligns with your interests, set a minimum membership level, and configure privacy settings according to your preferences.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings within your club through the convenient activity feed. It keeps you informed about the club’s news, updates, and member interactions, allowing you to stay engaged and connected. You have the flexibility to make changes, ensuring your club evolves and adapts as needed.


To gain club experience, actively fulfill donation requests listed on the activity page. Each Donation pack offers a specific amount of experience, clearly indicated on the respective packet. Additionally, winning games across various rooms contributes to increasing the club experience. Each win will steadily accumulate valuable club experience.

  • Professionals – 1 point club experience
  • Masters – 2 points club experience
  • Legends – 3 points club experience

Besides different rooms, Club experience can be gained from Classic Tournaments too, where the number of played rounds matters.

Club Level

The club level directly corresponds to the accumulated club experience, representing the number of times the club experience has reached significant milestones. Upon reaching a new club level, every club member is rewarded with club bonus chips.

Take charge by creating your very own club, where you can establish rules, invite friends, and engage in thrilling gameplay sessions of your favorite games. As you actively participate, you’ll not only have a chance to earn club experience but also collect valuable coins along the way.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for being part of the VIP Games community!

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