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VIP Games is introducing a new addition to the in-app gameplay! The new Piggy Bank presents an opportunity to acquire BONUS chips through a purchase.

Let’s explore how the Piggy Bank works:

For each bet you place in the game, we add extra chips directly into your Piggy Bank. Once it reaches capacity, you can retrieve the BONUS by breaking it open. The Piggy Bank accumulates chips regardless of whether you win or lose, with losses also contributing.

To claim the BONUS, you can make a purchase at a special promotional price. This option is available through a button located beneath the Piggy Bank. The button will appear when the Piggy Bank is full. Once you make a purchase, a new Piggy Bank will become available after a 24-hour period.

This new feature provides an opportunity to save a percentage of chips from every bet placed in the game. This does not involve deducting any personal chips. The accumulated savings in your player account consist of additional chips that accumulate based on your gameplay.

If you do not purchase your savings within two days after the piggy bank has reached capacity, the Piggy Bank will disappear on the third day. It will become active again after another 24 hours. However, the Piggy Bank will be empty and you will need to fill it once again.

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